Thursday, 25 June 2015

Why this blog!?

A couple of years back, I wrote a post on Quora and was too proud of myself for writing such an eloquent piece of literature. I delightedly showed it to everybody whom I felt was even remotely interested in reading. I even pictured myself as the next Sudha Murthy of India.  What an immature thought it was!.

Yesterday, exactly two years after writing that post, I re-read it, I was unpleasantly shocked. "Was this the piece of writing I was  proud of?" I asked myself. Disappointed with my immature and innocent writing style, I resumed my earlier work.

Later that night, I re-read two articles of mine, one that I had written two years back and the one that I wrote just a week ago and compared both the writing styles and the choice of words. It was an enlightening walk down the memory lane. I could compare myself two years back with the present me. I could clearly understand how my mind had developed in the last two years and what things did I learn during this time. And, this became my inspiration for starting a blog.

I'll try to maintain this blog so that when I read the blog posts in future, I'll again have a wonderful walk down the memory lane, where I'll be able to know how me and my thoughts changed over time.

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  1. I was going through you answers on quora and here..they are really good..Life is all about continuous improvement. ...Keep it up!!