Friday, 26 June 2015

A moment of realisation

This is the post that I wrote around two years back. As I mentioned in my introductory post, this is the very post that ultimately became the inspiration for me to start a blog. Therefore I thought of sharing it as the first post on this blog.

It was an overcast evening, I was returning  home on my vehicle. As I reached my colony’s playground, a kid came running to me. I did not recognise him at once, but shortly it occurred to me that he was ‘Yash’,  my younger cousin’s friend who lives not much away from my place.
The kid was glad to see me, he asked me if I could drop him at his place to which I happily agreed  as his house was en route to my place.
The kid joyfully sat behind me on my vehicle and started talking, he asked me very innocently “Didi, Why do you have chubby cheeks?” It made me grin because I thought the kid was just teasing me, so I sarcastically questioned him back “Why don’t you have chubby cheeks?” I was prepared to receive another teaser from him, but to my  surprise he calmly answered “Because I don’t have my mom to take care of me and feed me lovingly so that   my cheeks turn chubby.” I was taken aback by the answer. Before I could comfort him, we reached his place. He got down my vehicle and gave me a smile which I can’t ever forget , the smile wanted nothing but care. I  recollected myself and reached my place.
I sat comfortably in my room contemplating the happenings of the day and a news article suddenly occurred to me , it talked about a suicide not much away from my place, committed by a lady who was continuously  harassed by her husband and that lady was none other than Yash’s mom. I gasped in shock, being  heartbroken.
I remember that day as a milestone in my life because that was the day when I realised that our parents are the biggest blessing we have. That day is still fresh in my memory, I feel pity for the kid, but at the same time I’m also very thankful to him because though unknowingly, he taught me to be grateful in life for the things I have and not to whine about those which I’m deprived of.
I saw this picture long back, and while writing the blog post, it flashed in my mind. So thought of sharing it here.

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